About Swim Manager

If you’re helping to run a swimming club in the UK then Swim Manager was designed specifically for you. Swim Manager was created by people with experience of running a successful, SwimMark accredited UK swimming club.

Whether you are a committee member, coach or club volunteer, we designed Swim Manager to focus on those areas that will save you the most time, remove your worries and provide a more professional experience for your members.

We are totally committed to helping you be successful with Swim Manager. We will set the system up for you and make sure that everything is running just as you want and we provide support and assistance with anything you need.

Features That Help You

Reasons You’ll Love It

Worry-Free Finances

Fully configurable automated invoicing, direct debit and card payments, and forecasting with easy reporting.

Invoicing and Payment Collections

Fully configurable invoicing and collections takes the stress out of finances. Swim Manager will take care of everything, emailing payment reminders and highlighting late payers. Parents can pay with bank transfers, cards or direct debits.

Hassle-Free Meet Entries

Fully automated meet entries with rankings integration and online payment - for both Hy Tek and SportSys.

Both HyTek and Sport Systems

Upload a meet entry file and Swim Manager does the rest – emails the squads to advise them about the meet, allows them to enter and pay online and produces the meet entry file to send off to the host club. Job Done.

Communication Made Easy

Easy and secure email and text messaging - no login required. Works on your computer or your phone.

No Training Required

Nobody wants to learn how to use a new system, and with Swim Manager you don’t have to – just use your normal email account on your computer or your phone.

Integrated with Rankings

Swim Manager meet results and membership are always up to date.

Always Up To Date

No need to manually upload meet results. And no need to check membership against OMS – we do it for you.

Simple Swim Mark

Easily track qualifications and certifications for SwimMark updates

Amazing App Features

Keep track of qualifications and remind people when they need renewing – easily download an annual SwimMark folder.

Policies and Procedures

Prompt members to renew acceptance of policies as required.

Always Updated

Medical information, photo consent forms and other policies: stored, accepted and renewed as required.

Mobile Friendly

All your Swim Manager functionality is always available.

Phones and Tablets Welcome

Swim Manager works on all popular mobile phones and tablets

Club Shop

Run your Club Shop on Swim Manager

Sell Anything

Sell anything from fins to event tickets. Running your Club Shop on Swim Manager means that everything is in one place.

Attendance And Performance

Improve your swimmers performance with flexible attendance tracking

Improve Performance

Attendance charts and time performance allow you to keep on top of swimmers’ commitment

We Make Your life Easier

Who Are We

Our Goal Is to Help You Succeed

The team behind Swim Manager are based in the UK and have held positions (Chairman and Secretary) on a Swim21 Club Committee. As with most swimming volunteers, we have also helped to run open meets, officiate and many other roles. We have produced Swim Results and Swim Times Pro and now we’re focussed on producing the best software in the world for UK Swimming Clubs.

We know that our customers are all volunteers, trying to build their club into the best club it can be and make it a fantastic environment for young swimmers. Unfortunately there is a lot of administration involved in running the club, organising the finances and ensuring that everything is communicated properly.

Our aim with Swim Manager is to produce software that fits the way you work; that automates everything possible; that provides you with the information you need and frees up your time.

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